In 2017, the Bangladesh government sheltered the Rohingya refugees forcibly displaced from Myanmar. A large number of children and women are accommodated in various shelters for their safety. That time they needed food, water, medical care, and sanitation. After a few days, it was found that the children were very weak physically and mentally.

They cannot forget the glorious days of the past. Their human trauma appeared. In view of the reports of various organizations, with the approval of the government, ASEAB has established 4 children’s education centers and 300 children are trying to erase their past sad days from their minds through a happy environment. At the educational center, the children are happily learning the UNICEF Myanmar curriculum.

Presently, since 2018, ASEAB has been providing 300 children with regular education, sports, entertainment, competition, assessment, grade improvement, tiffin, lunch, educational materials like pens, notebooks, pencils, clothes, school bags etc. under this project. This project is running funded by BDesh Foundation USA. There are 223 children has been sponsored by persons and foeign donor organizations.

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