(ASEAB Community Hospital)

Our 10 beds community hospital is located at Pabna Sadar. The objective of the project is to provide primary health care services to the target group at a low cost or free of charge. The aim is to ensure that individuals within the community who are unable to afford or access healthcare services have easy access to such services. This is accompanied by efforts to raise awareness among the community members about general health knowledge. The ultimate goal is to empower the community with timely and appropriate health and medical support. Each day, numerous patients visit the outdoor facility of the hospital seeking proper diagnosis of their ailments.

The hospital is equipped with facilities to provide primary healthcare services to the community. To ensure that patients receive optimal care, dedicated MBBS doctors are assigned to provide medical treatment, including diagnosis, advice, counselling, and prescribing medication as per the patients’ needs. The hospital also provides prescribed medication to the patients, as well as medical follow-up facilities to monitor their progress. In addition, specialized treatment and counselling services are available for pregnant and lactating mothers, as well as children, provided by experienced doctors. For special and complicated cases beyond the scope of the hospital’s services, patients are referred to nearby government hospitals for more advanced treatment.

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