Association for Socio-Economic Advancement of Bangladesh (ASEAB), equipped with its experience in providing eye care services in Bangladesh is implementing its “Low Cost Cataract Surgery for the Destitute People of Bangladesh”, with the aim to identify and treat preventable blindness among the underprivileged; to promote community awareness and education on eye health; and to increase capacity and access to eye care services.


• To Identify and treat preventable blindness among the underserved,
• To promote community awareness & education on eye health.
• To increase capacity & access to eye care services

Our eye care services target underserved people and all services including surgery are free of cost.

Source of Fund: Eye Care Services activities are currently funded through only foreign donor name Islamic Medical Association of North America (IMANA) and sponsored by BDesh Foundation USA. ASEAB is trying to access the Zakat and personnel’s fund for expansion this program.

For the technical assistance in eye camps like treatment, cataract screening and different test, cataract surgery in Eye Hospital ASEAB signed MoU with following Eye Hospital.

  1. Grameen GC Eye Hospital –Bogura
  2. Vision AID Foundation-Dhaka.
  3. Dristi Chokhu Hospital-Dhaka
  4. Mustafiz Glaucoma Research & Eye HospitalDhaka
  5. Dr. K. Zaman BNSB Eye Hospital-Mymenshing.

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